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Fifty years, fifty-five countries and counting. 


We were newly married when we first hit the road, thumbs out, Europe and North Africa calling our names. We had adventure on our minds and luck on our side in Sicily, where a local man drove backwards up the on-ramp to pick us up, introduced us to the town’s mayor before insisting we stay with his family. 


The hospitality followed us through Africa when one Arab family after another took us home for a meal before dropping us off at our destination. We were hooked on travel and planning our next trip before we even returned to Canada.


Squeezing travel in while working, running a farm and raising three daughters was a challenge, but retirement has brought new opportunities, fresh wanderlust and renewed freedom. Perhaps we’re a little stiffer after a those cramped eight-hour bus rides than we used to be, but we’re loving every minute of being on the road again.


- Cheryl and Noel Van Raes

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